Aspire Jerseys is owned by Daniel & Stacey and there are a number of animals in their herd, some owed in conjunction with others and milked across three farms.  Daniel is a judge on the active panel list with Holstein Australia.

Sunstorm Family including:-
Wallumlands Sunstorm 8 EX 94 (EX 95 MS) - owned in conjunction with Ben Govett & Glen Gordon

Champion Illawarra & Supreme Champion IDW 2015

Champion Illawarra IDW 2017

Champion Illawarra & Supreme Champion IDW 2019

Songress Family including:-
Aspire WL Vanahlem Songstress EX 92 - owned in conjunction with Woodlawn Holsteins

Golden Glory Family including:-
Brookbora Golden Glory 146 EX 91

Amy Family:-
Tandara Vasir Amy VG 87 - owned with Ben Govett, Tandara Brown Swiss

Charo Family including:-
Aspire Vanahlem Charo 87@2yrs

Love Lies familing including:-
Brookbora Love Lies 678 EX 91 @ 3 years, owned in conjunction with Brookbora Jerseys, Parrabel Genetics & Rockstar Cows
Intermediate Champion NSW State Jersey Show