Brookbora Jerseys includes the original cow families of Love Lies, Dainty, Standard Lady, Eileen, Pansy Maderia, Golden Glory, Designs Susie, Golden Gem, Eileen, Fancy Daisy, followed on later by Fair Mavis, Fancy Girl, Flora, Grand Jenny and Silky.  Some more recent introductions to the herd include the well known families of Vanessa, Estelle, Marie, Babe, Belle, Charo, Iris, Melaine, Belle, Sandra, Telca, Bonita, Hattie, Grace & Ilagay families.  Further information on several of the families will be found on the links above.  

There are a number of other cow families have been developed with the herd.  These include, Adeline and Mimosa from the Stonehenge herd in the Western Victoria, May, Beryl, Dairymaid, and Sleeping Beauty from the Seasue herd originating in South Australia and more recently the purchase of the Misty Morn, Sweet Elfa, Zinnia, Enchantress, Dawn, Wildflower, Dairymaid & Hazeleigh families from Nyowee Jerseys at Mt Compass, South Australia, families from Mikandan Jerseys in North East Victoria including the Caramel, Lizabeth, Trixie & Alice.  The Candy's originating from the Yarravale herd together with the Pam's bred from the Rowantree Jersey herd, have also been added to the herd.  Other families introduced over the last decade include Sugar, Destiny, Countess, Tess, Pencil, Songtress, Ruby, Deronica, Petal & Ilagay, originating from the Ramaya, Delwyn Park, Glenaaron & Kaddy herds amongst others.

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